Welcome to our temporary website!

Due to Enjin closing doors for web hosting, we are making a custom website! We are not sure when it will be finished, but rest assure, it will be a big improvement! In the mean time, please use this website to help your everyday navigation for TKZ!

- TKZ Staff


Punishment for breaking these rules will follow this pattern, for minor offenses

  • Warning
  • Kick
  • 2 hour ban
  • 1 day ban
  • 1 week ban
  • Permanent ban

Minor Offenses

  • No building aloud on spawn
  • Using balls of steel/prop madness or anything related to it
  • Prop Pushing
  • Mic spamming
  • Disrespectng players/admins - This can be treated as a Major Offense
  • Killing/irritating a player which has asked you to stop
  • Using fairy E2's
  • Using dupes or E2's you did not make (No execptions! If you didn't make it then you don't use it) - Rule is being revised.
  • Using Prop/E2 shields
  • Abusing PAC to make yourself tiny or huge (keep your player size between 0.5 and 2)
  • Abusing PAC in a way thats give an unfair advantage (such as auto-regenerating armor)
  • Perma-cloaking E2's
  • Being Jerd
  • Abusing votekick
  • Spamming explosives/entities (including thumpers, barrels and heli-bombs)
  • Using obnoxious turret sounds
  • Using 1 hit kill turrets (keep them at a max of 15 damage in total for all turrets being used at one time)
  • Spamming trails
  • Killing in god mode/noclip (if a respected or higher gives you this)
  • Using homophobic slurs
  • Don't get involved in an incident you are not apart of. - This can be treated as a Major Offense
  • Asking for Rank - See the FAQ for more details.

Major Offenses (these will get you perma-banned):

  • Any sort of hacking
  • Crashing the server on purpose
  • Threatening to DDoS the server or another player
  • Spamming props
  • Racial slurs
  • Any sort of pornographic material (Including any form of nudity or suggestive material. Nobody wants to see your pony or granny porn.)

Q: Can I be a _________ rank?
A: No. In fact, it is against the rules to ask for a higher rank, other than asking for Regular if you have at least 2 days of playtime.

Q: I played on the Dallas/Classic/Chicago TKZ server for more than 2 days. Can I have Regular?
A: If we are able to verify this claim through screenshots, old websites, etc., we will set your rank accordingly. If we can not, please refrain from asking again.

Q: Why can't I fly?
A: We do not allow flying because one of the primary activities of this server is base building. If everyone could noclip, it would be trivial to enter an opponents base. It is also unfair if players are flying and shooting other players.

Q: Why can't I use the duplicator tool?
A: We do not allow the use of the vanilla duplicator tool to encourage players to use their own contraptions. The allowed alternative to the duplicator tool is Advanced Duplicator 1 and Advanced Duplicator 2.

Q: Why am I in godmode?
A: Players on our server are invulnerable to damage after spawning until they pull out a combat weapon or enter a vehicle. This helps to insure that builders are not killed, as well as prevent spawn killing.

Q: Can you add the _________ addon?
A: Maybe. We welcome addon suggestions in our forums, and we will be glad to add constructive addons as we see fit.


Build to Kill Server content pack

DarkRP Server content pack

RAVE Server content pack

Murder Server content pack

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